Joined the streaming revolution

This past weekend the family finally joined up with an all you can listen streaming subscription. Because half the family uses Android phones and Windows PC’s we opted for Google Play’s family subscription. Not only do we get access to the 35 million plus music catalog, but we also get access to YouTube Red for commercial free YouTube viewing.

My only complaint about Google Play is that I can’t control it with Siri. Sometimes when I’m driving I like to just ask Siri to play a particular artist, and let it shuffle through my collection. I’d love to be able to tell Google Play to just start playing Indigo Girls or Trampled by Turtles or Wiz Khalifa, without having to look at my phone. But, I can certainly understand why Apple doesn’t allow that from a competitive standpoint.

So far I’ve played some artist catalogs on shuffle while driving to and from work, and I’ve found every song I’ve looked for in the catalog. Once I’ve worn out single artists, I’ll go back to the Google Play radio stations, and enjoy them commercial free. Time to reap the rewards of a massive music catalog.