Slipin and slidin

My intention this morning was to go run two 9 mile loops of the Elm Creek Horse Trails. However, upon arriving at the parking lot I took a look at the path and realized that was a foolish idea. The mid-30’s temps over the past few days had caused a lot of melting. Then, overnight, that melt turns to ice as the air temp hovers near freezing.

So I decided to head back home and make the best of the day by just running around the streets in my neighborhood. I haven’t been on pavement for 18 miles since Grandma’s Marathon last year. My body is feeling the difference tonight, as I was moving much faster, and the pounding was much more pronounced.

The traction wasn’t too bad on the city streets. I did have to stop and penguin walk at just about every intersection. At this point I’m also pretty sick of looping these same roads over and over again. I did manage to explore some new streets I had never run on before, but the majority of my run was on familiar paths.

It’s good to vary things a bit though. Even though I don’t have any road marathons scheduled any time soon, it’s refreshing to know I still can get it done on the roads as well as the trails. Well, at least get it done at my comfortable pace 😉


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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