Saw Deadpool

After our run on Sunday morning, the wife and I decided to hit a movie. There are three films that have our attention in theaters right now; Hail Ceaser!, Deadpool, and Zoolander 2. I feel like Zoolander 2 is best left for a video rental, and so between the other two, we opted for Deadpool. At first we were worried it would be hard to get tickets on Valentines Day for this movie, as they’ve been hyping it like crazy as a V-Day flick. Yet, when we got to the theater, there were plenty of seats.

I’m not going to spoil the plot per se, but I do want to make some comments about various aspects of the movie, so I’m going to put a big *spoiler* warning here, and simply say that if you keep reading past the fold, it might give you some hints of things you would rather wait to see in person.

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