Despite having been trained as a pastor, I don’t get as many opportunities to speak in front of people, that I would have if I were, in fact, serving as a pastor. As a pastor I would be speaking to a crowd of people every week. As a person in my position in the IT industry, I speak to groups of people maybe once every few months.

Today I got an opportunity to present a topic that I’m very well versed on (Enterprise Architecture), and the entire presentation went really, really well. Despite the nerves, and pressure, when speaking publicly, I find I thrive in those environments. Today I got to spend a good 20-30 minutes with my presentation, going over the facts, and ad libbing wherever possible, to connect the main points in my overview slides.

It was a nice reminder of the fact that I have some level of talent with public speaking, and that was refreshing. The fact that the topic of the presentation went over quite well was an added bonus. I have no idea where my presentation will lead, but it was a lot of fun to be able to show off my skills to a group of people who have never seen me present before.