Hibernation weekend

Cold was the word of the day on Sunday. It’s just as cold on Monday. Temps are in the negative teens, and windchills make it tremendously unpleasant outside. Sunday’s 5 mile run was done in the comfort of a domed fieldhouse, running 1/5 mile laps around a soccer field. Much more tolerable than running outside.

It’s a long weekend and so it’s hibernation time for an extra day. Saturday I stopped at a liquor superstore and stocked up on some beer and wine to tide me over for a while. The beer pictured above seemed very appropriate for a weekend like this. Most of the rest of the weekend was spent watching TV shows, and going outside only when I was getting restless.

As my wife can attest to, I have a hard time sitting still for an entire weekend. Even an entire day is too much for me most of the time. I often find that I need to get out of the house and do something, even just for a short bit. Sometimes it’s a run to Target for a couple of items. Other times, I just hit a coffee shop and drive around for a short bit. I don’t really play many immersive video games anymore, so once I’ve exhausted the latest news from the inter-webs it’s time to get out of the house.

Not really sure why I get so restless sometimes. Maybe I just feel like I need to be accomplishing something all the time. But yet, I enjoy the idea of laziness too. I usually can’t wait to be done at work and get to head home. It’s a conundrum of who I am I guess. For now it’s time to curl up for an extra day with good beer and wine and try to not worry about anything but rest.


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