Training for the 50

As I may have mentioned I’m considering a 50 mile attempt at Zumbro this year. Zumbro has a very generous cut-off, and I’ve run on the course a couple of times now. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on signing up, but that’s more because I’m waiting until after all the Christmas spending is done.

However, I have started looking at training plans, and last night I started putting together what I’m going to do. I looked at two plans in particular, one from the Ultraladies group, and another from the book Relentless Forward Progress. I ended up deciding on the RFP plan for a couple of reasons. First, there were multiple options for how far you want your weekly distance to go to. Second, he also talks about options for reducing the mileage with the inclusion of cross training activities. Since I really like higher mileage, but lower number-of-run plans, this seemed to work well for me.

Since the book is well worth the cost, I’m not going to put the plan online, but I’ll suggest you pick it up (only $8 for Kindle). Briefly though, the plan maxes our just under 50 miles per week, and always includes a 5 or 10 mile run the day after your long run. This really pushes the “running while tired” notion, and will force me to add in one more day per week from my typical 3 day plan. I will just need to be very careful on those extra runs to not push myself so that I get injured. Those will be low-intensity runs.

Perhaps my biggest issue right now is that I’m already behind on where the plan says I should be on this date. However, I’ve just come off a really good year of running, so I’m feeling pretty confident that I can pick things up where I’m supposed to be.

Can’t believe I’m being crazy and doing this… onward to adventure!