Jessica Jones

This past weekend my wife and I finished watching Jessica Jones, the newest Marvel TV show from Netflix. We watched Daredevil earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Everything we had heard about Jessica Jones was positive, so we we’re looking forward to blasting through the season. I’ll keep this short review spoiler free.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Jessica Jones is a character in the Marvel universe, working as a private investigator, who has some gifted powers. She has enhanced strength and durability, and can pseudo-fly (she describes it as simply jumping and falling). That’s the extent of her powers, and throughout the show it’s clear that this story isn’t about her amazing abilities, it’s really about her character.

The other fact you find out about very quickly in the show, is that Jessica is suffering from PTSD. She’s suffered greatly at the hands of the main villain of the show, and it’s affecting everything in her life. She believes that the trauma is over, but quickly discovers that she may still be in danger. The storyline unfolds from there.

Before deciding to watch Jessica Jones, it is important to note that this is an extremely dark show. Almost none of the characters are “good” people, and the few that trend that way have serious flaws of their own. Jessica herself drinks way too much, and often makes bad choices in her life. But that makes her one of the most human characters around in a comic book world.

This show is also for mature viewers, as there are multiple depictions of sex (although no nudity). In fact the sex in the show is one of the more fascinating aspects of how the story is told. Unlike many other TV shows that either overly romanticize casual sex, or turn it into some animalistic passion-fest, the sex in Jessica Jones is raw, honest, and real. Characters act like real people who just want to be intimate with another human being, and the sex reflects that. It’s never shown to be some magical event in their lives, nor is it shown to be two people overcome with feral desires they can’t control. It’s not high art, but it’s real.

It didn’t take very many episodes for us to decide that this was a very good piece of TV drama. The characters are real, and struggle with real issues. The action is fun, and doesn’t really go over the top. Jessica feels like a real person, wounded by her past, but overcoming it slowly, with the help of a lot of whiskey.

I’m anxious to see what season 2 brings, as I could certainly go for another story in this world.