Woe the iPhone 5s

(Meant to post this last night but got distracted beating StarCraft II)

I have an iPhone 5s, and for the most part it serves my purpose for a great smartphone. I love the size and form factor of a bit smaller phone, and have been resisting moving up to a larger iPhone 6/6s.

The other day, however, my case that I keep my phone in developed a bit of a tear and it was clear that it wasn’t going to last much longer. I said to myself, “No problem, I’ll just hit Best Buy and get a new inexpensive shell case.”

Turns out that it was a problem. With the advent of the 6s, everything has shifted to that phone and the only thing that Best Buy had left were some clearance cases on a back wall that didn’t really appeal to me. So last night while we were out we hit an Apple store. Sure enough the selection of 5s cases was one tiny little section, but at least they had some decent cases to choose from. I managed to find an adequate replacement, but I’m betting in the future I’ll need to stick to on-line for my case buying needs until I upgrade my phone… sigh.