Introducing a trail

This morning was another morning of running. My wife and I had the opportunity to introduce one of our friends to our beloved horse trails at Elm Creek. It was a beautiful morning for running, with temps in the 40’s, and climbing all day. We headed out after sunrise, strapped on our gear and headed out for the trail.

Our friend hasn’t done much in the way of trail running, so we took it mostly easy, and kept the pace challenging, but doable. Most of our walking was done on the uphills, but otherwise we managed to run a majority of the 7 mile loop. Certain sections were pretty muddy and so we had to dodge some puddles, and no one really got too dirty. We ran the final mile or so of the course, and ended the morning feeling pretty good with our run.

The morning was completed with a nice donut and coffee before heading back to reality. Weekend morning runs like this, out on the trail, are one of the joys of Fall and running in general. Next weekend I’ll hopefully have accomplished another trail and have more pictures to share.