Tons of TV on the phone

T-Mobile just announced their new Binge On initiative that is similar to their Music Freedom initiative, in that is allows you to stream video from popular video services without impacting your data limit. Even though the Music Freedom service lacks a couple of key services, I’ve been really enjoying the freedom to listen to whatever music I want, even if I can’t get wifi. In fact in many metro areas my LTE transfer rates are better than most public wifi anyway.

The new plan allows for Netflix and Hulu, which are two of the key players. I know a lot of people are excited that perhaps YouTube could join this list, as it would pretty much remove all the big data munchers from most people’s usage list. Though, I do wonder if this will end up being exclusive to the new YouTube Red service, which has a monthly subscription fee associated with it.

So for now, I don’t need to worry about streaming Walking Dead while I’m on the bus to work… while except for the fact that I might be freaking out the person next to me….