Yard work

Today, as we were running errands in the morning, my wife suggested I trim back the lilac bushes that server as a border between the neighbor’s property and ours. I have done this a couple times in the past, and so I knew how big a job it was, and I’m sure as I started I was pretty crabby. With the help of my wife and step-son however, we got it done before dark, and all the trimmings are no piled up on the side of our house, ready to be disposed of as we make room in our yard waste bin.

Despite hating yard work, after a while, and with the help of a beer or two, it ends up being a mostly good experience. I enjoy being outside, but it takes a bit before the motivation, and the enjoyment of the work, kicks in. We managed to get the job done, as well as some yard raking, and digging out of the garden. Now it’s time for some relaxing, good food, and watching Dr. Who.