Little bit of Blizzcon

I haven’t been a big Blizzard game played in a while. I still occasionally pull out Hearthstone, and I stopped into WoW the other week. Other than that, I haven’t really had the time or energy to commit to some of these bigger games. This weekend is Blizzcon and this afternoon I tuned into some of the live stream from the world championships of their various games. I don’t often watch SC2 eSports, but I sometimes like watching amazing players do amazing things with a great competitive game.

I also got a chance to watch some Hearthstone, which is a really fun game to watch, especially if you can see both players hands. Knowing what is about to happen to another player can make for some pretty incredible drama.  I also heard that there is a new adventure series coming out for Hearthstone, so I might need to consider that in the future if I feel like getting back into some gaming.

Even though I probably won’t get back into WoW it’s also fun to see what’s coming out in the future. The next expansion focuses on the return of the Burning Legion and delves into the lore around demon hunters, which will be a new playable class. When I was into WoW I was a bit of a lore nerd, and loved reading about the history of this fictional land. People have spent countless hours making an incredible world, rich with history, for people to explore and experience. Every expansion builds on this foundation and creates something new and exciting, and even on the periphery it’s fun to watch.