Trivia fun

Last night for our Beer and Bike trip we ended up at a tap room that had trivia going on. None of us planned to stick around for it fully, but we ended up having so much fun that we took 2nd place for the night. We had a lively group, and many of us knew the answers right away. I was particularly proud of my identification of a very young Michael Jackson singing Ben for one of the questions.

We also had a lot of fun with quotes from comedy movies, including the famous line from Monty Python about women in lakes handing out swords being no basis for a system of government. The picture identification of authors did give us some trouble however, and we didn’t do quite as good on that as we could of. I did manage to name Salman Rushdie and Kurt Vonnegut though, so I was happy about that.

All in all, it was a fun change of pace to the evening. I ended up a bit bloated from all the beer, since they drag the evening out as long as they can to keep you buying. Thankfully, we’re hitting taprooms that are closer, now that it’s dark all the time. Might grab the wife and drive down to another one of these trivia nights sometime for some more fun.