Civic duty… and exercise

We’ve gotten a warm streak in Minnesota this week with temps close to 70. I had to get to work on time today so I couldn’t run this morning. I decided I would take my new shoes out for a spin as soon as I got home, and since it was an election day I would also do my civic duty and stop by my local polling place during my run.

The election in our area was just a couple school levy questions and some un-contested school board seats, so it was a pretty simple ballot. It was worth the trip however, as the weather was amazing and I was running in shorts and a t-shirt, feeling amazing. In fact I had a huge spring in my step (maybe it was the new shoes?) and completely killed my pace times throughout the run. I managed sub-9 for the first 4 miles before easing it back to 9:17 for the final 5th mile. Perhaps the new Everun material was really giving me a ton of energy back, or perhaps my body was just in the mood for a fast run in beautiful weather.

Either way I’m not going to complain a single bit.