What to watch next

I’m a conflicted person when it comes to TV and movies. I enjoy many TV shows, and enjoy a great many movies. However, I have a hard time sitting down and actually watching them. Often when confronted with a TV series I want to watch, I find myself waffling between wanting to watch it, and feeling like spending that much time on my butt is a waste of time. I actually get somewhat neurotic about it within my own head.

When I sit down and watch a show (especially with the wife) I almost always have a good time. We finished the first season of Orphan Black this past weekend, and I finally watched the last few episodes of Firefly. It was also a weekend where I didn’t have anything to do, and after two solid months of weekends packed with travel, I was able to relax a bit and watch some TV. I’ve got a few other series I’d like to watch…

I started Arrow a while ago, but I’m having a hard time considering catching up with SO many episodes in a season. I also would love to get started on Flash. I’ve always wanted to watch Walking Dead, and my wife is on Season 5 already so it’s one I could watch on my own and try and get current. There’s a couple more seasons of Orphan Black to get caught up on as well. Thankfully, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is current for me and I only get a new episode every week or so. There’s also cooking competition shows which always hook me with brainless entertainment.

Well, I guess I should consider that I’ve been typing too long… I suppose I should go watch something.