Social politics

Last night I didn’t watch the Republican debate. I didn’t watch the Democrat debate, nor the Republican debate before. As someone who’s followed most presidential elections pretty closely since I was a kid, I’ve gotten more and more concerned with how contentious the process has become so early in the cycle. The amount of time and money that is being spent by such a large field of candidates, for something that only one of them will achieve, is more and more mind blowing every four years that it comes up.

One thing, however, that I am happy to see is how some candidates are embracing social media, and embracing it well. I remember the first few elections that we had after the dawn of the Internet. Some candidates managed to put together a basic website, with a few photos and some talking points, but that was about it. Nowadays, social media is king when it comes to getting out a message. Social media would also seem to me to be much more cost effective than many of the traditional methods of reaching people.

Overall though I still feel like it’s way too early to be talking about any of this, and I’m looking forward to next year when all these debates actually mean something in the grand scheme of things.