Work friends

One of the things that I miss most about my previous job was the two other guys that I worked with. The three of us would often go out to lunch and talk about work, life, photography, beer or whatever. It was one of those things that made going into work fun, as the three of us gel’d really well. I’m sure I’ll make some friends like that at my new job, but it will take time, and being a manager makes it awkward sometimes with people who report to you. One of my co-workers and I still get together together for lunch every few weeks, so there I enjoy when we can do that.

However, tonight my old co-workers and I got together together, the three of us, for a happy hour at Urban Growler. The cool part is that it was just like when we used to get together for lunch or a happy hour before. We talked about work, life, hobbies, etc, and just had a good time hanging out for a couple hours with a few beers. One of the few things I miss about my old job, and thankful that I can still have this experience, even if it’s not all the time.