Twas two days before race day

Saturday is the big 50K race for my wife and I. Everything in my season has been leading up to this race and I’m approaching it with a sense of fear, expectation and apathy. In some regards I’m happy for the apathy part. I’ve found that when I get too wound up about an upcoming race, I tend to not sleep as well and don’t perform up to par on race day. Superior Moose Mountain Marathon was like this for me.

This 50K just feels like another long run for me though. I’m going into it with a few goals, but at this point all my prep work is done. If my body isn’t in shape for this yet it won’t be in the next two days. I’ll have to do what I can with what I have available to me. Frankly, I’m more looking forward to commemorating my first ultra marathon with a tattoo than I am nervous about the race.

I’ve seen most of the course, and so I know what I’m in for. It’s a relatively tame course, but has some good technical terrain and variety. The biggest issue will be the leaf cover, and the potential for mud from the rain the night before. There are large sections of prairie that will make for easier running, and even a section that appears to go along a road this year. The hardest part is starting the second of two loops, as it will be so tempting to quit after the first 17 miles.

Tomorrow is a short 2 mile jog to keep the legs loose, and a lot of rolling and stretching. Then it’s a 4am wake up call to start getting ready for Saturday.