Car power outlets

I discovered a small issue with my new car, I keep blowing fuses for the accessory power outlets. I’m going to be bringing it back into the dealer to get it fixed, but it got me thinking about alternatives. At this point I don’t think there is anything that I would be powering off of my car that isn’t a USB type device. That means that what I really need are powered USB ports, not the weird cigarette lighter adapters from decades gone by.

So what if you could replace your power outlets with USB plugs that are powered? Turns out it looks like you can. A simple eBay search brought up tons of results for products that allow you to pull out your cigarette lighter power port and replace it with a couple of USB ports.

I think this might be a project sometime to upgrade my car with something much more useful to me. I’d be curious if any readers of this blog have ever done a modification like this, and if so what the result was?