Some nature walking and running

This morning my wife and I headed up to Banning State Park, a short drive form the cabin we’re staying at. We needed to get some running in, and decided to check out the trails in the park for our Saturday long run. There are multiple loops around the park, most of them grassy double-track. However, when you get down towards the Kettle River, the terrain is much rockier and less run-able. It’s also beautiful, so our planned run ended up having a large hiking component to it as we wandered around by the river and took our time. We pulled out our phone cameras and took some shots here and there until we got back into the portion of the track that wasn’t near the river and started running again.

I only had my phone camera with me during the run, and due to the lack of ability to upload things very quickly on the satellite internet, I’m going to provide a link to an album. I’m planning to head back there this afternoon with my oldest son, and will bring my big camera along to do a proper photo walk. I also managed a photo walk around the cabin and came across a lot of interesting fungi, so I’ll be posting those once I get home and can do some post-processing.