MEA weekend

In Minnesota, every October, all kids get two days off in the middle of the month. It’s been like this since I was a kid, and the reasoning is that the largest teacher’s union in the State has it’s annual conference during those two days. For most people it simply means a long Fall weekend with a couple days off. Most years we try and get a short getaway out of the weekend. A couple years ago we hit Grand Casino Hinckley and had a good time.

This year, my oldest requested that we do something different, and suggested going to a cabin. I proceeded to look up a some vacation rentals, and found a wonderful place.. near Hinckley. It’s a nice little cabin with most of the modern amenities including basic satellite internet service and indoor plumbing.

So for the weekend we’re going to chill out and relax in some natural surroundings, get in some running, roast some s’mores and enjoy a brief respite before the bustle of the holidays kicks in. Hopefully the Internet will hold up this weekend and I’ll be able to continue to post, but if not, I’ll just be relaxing 🙂