Goodbye Volkswagen

As I talked about in a different post, I was feeling pretty perturbed with the whole scandal at VW. I felt like I had been rooting for a company that now appears to be “the bad guy”. For years I’ve been telling people that VW’s diesel initiatives were some of the best things to happen to the automotive industry. Then we found out it wasn’t all true. To make things worse, the head of VW in America showed up in front of Congress today and tried to blame the whole thing on some rogue software developers. Sorry, but I’m not buying it, especially since the CEO of VW international hit the streets within hours of the scandal breaking.

It’s a story that’s made me pissed enough that I wanted to get rid of my Volkswagen Tiguan. Or perhaps I should say that it was the final nail in the coffin of my “putting up” with VW. My Tiguan was a super fun car to drive, with a lot of power and great handling. However, it was incredibly thirsty with crappy gas mileage, and its tastes were only for premium gas. When gas prices were higher a few years ago I was paying incredible amounts of money to keep my tank filled. Add to this, the fact that repairs on my Tiguan were always through the roof and required lots of specialist technicians.

Therefore, the past couple weeks I’ve been looking at alternatives. Tonight I purchased a 2011 Honda CR-V. My wife is a huge Honda fan, as she owns a Fit, and she convinced me to give them a try. I’ve never been that big on Honda, as I felt that their vehicles kept their value way longer than they should. But, from everything I’m seeing, it’s a well deserved reputation.

I test drove 5 different CR-V’s over the course of a week and a half, and decided to go with this model because it was the newest of the models, didn’t have leather (my wife doesn’t like leather), but had all the other features that I was looking for, including a moonroof. I got a decent price on it because it has 87K miles on it, but from everything I’ve read, or heard told to me, that’s practically a brand new engine on a Honda. Plus, the vehicle had all new tires, brakes and an alignment, done before I bought it.

I’m looking forward to a new adventure with this car, and look forward to seeing if Honda can win me over like it has for so many other drivers.

Oh, and my wife decided his name is Murph.