Some race analysis

I finally went back and did a bit more analysis of my Moose Mountain Marathon attempt. One of the cardinal rules of long train races is to only think about getting to the next aid station. Don’t focus on the big picture of distance, but just that 5-10 miles before seeing warm food again. I hadn’t yet gone back and looked at what my times were between the various aid stations, beyond some general pace guesses.

I put together a quick spreadsheet on my performance:

Station Elapsed time Elapsed Distance Pace Total time Total distance
Start 0:00:00 0 0:00:00 0
Temperance 2:05:00 7.7 0:16:14 2:05:00 7.7
Sawbill 1:28:00 5.5 0:16:00 3:33:00 13.2
Oberg 1:39:00 5.5 0:18:00 5:12:00 18.7
Finish 2:17:00 7.2 0:19:02 7:29:00 25.9

It’s apparent that the first portion of the race treated me pretty well. I was able to stick to a 16 minute pace overall, which is good for me on that terrain. I had hoped for something sub-16 on those portions, but alas, that didn’t happen.

The second half of the race is where things seemed to fall apart more. The section from Sawbill to Oberg is some of the easiest terrain, yet by that point I was so wasted I couldn’t manage more than 18. I mentioned in my race report about feeling very sleepy, and I shared that with some of my friends at the finish.

One of the things about me is that I don’t do caffeine, as I’ve had issues with it and my anxiety in the past. I can handle decaf coffee’s (which have some caffeine in them), and on occasion I can handle a little bit in a gel or shot block. Something I’m considering for my next race is to mix in some caffeinated shot blocks at a 33% ratio. When I do shot blocks I do 100 calories at a time, which is 3 blocks. What I will try in the future is mixing in one caffeinated block into the 3 to give me a boost, but not tip over my anxiety.

The final split in my times would have been longer if I hadn’t managed a second wind, along with adrenaline, towards the end. I knew the challenge I was in for on that section of course, and I know I’ve done that section in around 2 hours before. It’s obvious that my legs had something left in them, since I was able to run it in, but I need to get over the sleepy feeling I get around 5-6 hours. Maybe a touch of caffeine will be the kick I’ll need.

Looking forward to the next race, and more number crunching!

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