Back to school 2015

It’s that time of year again with school starts up again in full swing for folks. Everyone in my family is in school this year except me. After getting a graduate certificate last year I feel like my formal academic itch has been scratched, at least for the time being. I’m thankful this year that everyone in my family is in a school and program that is working so well for them.

Finding a school and academic program that fits well with a person can be a challenge. I’ve hopped around to a few schools myself and when you find a place that fits, it makes learning easier and more productive. My two boys have finally landed at schools that match their learning styles, and interestingly it was at two different schools. My step-son found an academic technical program that he is really enjoying, despite having a really rough high school experience. All three of them are doing well and making us proud.

On this long holiday weekend, that marks the beginning of most school years I’m thankful for the educational programs we have in this country and in this State, and for the educators that work hard to make it happen.

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