Not much

It’s one of those days where I’m struggling to write about anything. Monday’s seem to be like that. Often on the weekends, something interesting is going on, or I’m running at interesting places, or eating at interesting venues. Monday hits and it’s back to the routine of day-to-day. It was my son’s first day back at school today, and I’m really thankful that we’ve found a school that is working well for him. He got through the first day without any issues and is plugging right along.

This is also my running taper week, so my mileage is going to be pretty low as I give my body some rest and healing time before Moose Mountain Marathon. I’ve been training pretty hard this year, and I think I’m pretty well prepared for what I’m going to face. My biggest question mark is the weather. That one factor alone could completely sabotage all the racers.

Going to keep the rambling short and maybe go enjoy a beer on a nice warm night. Cheers Internet!