Spilled Grain Brewhouse

After putting in a solid 14 miles on the trails this morning I arrived home and talked with my wife about what we wanted to do today. She remembered seeing on her Facebook wall that a friend’s brother’s brewery was having their grand opening today, so we decided to trek on out to it and check it out.

Spilled Grain Brewhouse is located in Annandale, MN, about an hour away from where I live. We hopped in the car and arrived shortly after 1:30pm to a cool celebration that spanned their main brewhouse as well as their parking lot. As we entered the main brewhouse my wife spotted her friend and they immediately started re-connecting. I headed to the bar and started sampling the beers.

Because of the festivities, they were limiting all beer to 12 oz pours, and no flights or growlers. I decided I could handle three sessionable brews, since my wife was driving us home. I first tried their Kolsch and was pretty impressed with how solid it was. It had all the right flavor notes and was very clean and crisp. This experience was repeated with the other two beers that I tried.

The ESB was well balanced between the earthy hops and the English malts, I could certainly see knocking a couple of those back, especially in cooler weather. The final beer I tried was their brown ale that was brewed with honey. I was somewhat worried that this beer would be an unfortunate experiment, but the flavors were really solid. The honey character was very subtle and merged with the nuttiness of the brown ale quite well.

Overall, I found the quality of the beers to be outstanding. With so much growth in the local craft beer scene, very often I come  across breweries that need to spend more time on the basics of solid staple beers. I’m pleased every time I get to a new brewery to discover that they know how to brew beer without obvious flaws and without trying to make silly ‘statements’ with corney recipe ideas. Before you can get my attention with some weird mixing of flavors that probably don’t go together, show me that you can brew a solid beer.

Thankfully, Spilled Grain Brewhouse surpassed my expectation, and I can see heading out there again sometime in the future to try more of their brews.