Beer and Bike adventure

Tonight the beer and bike group that I’m a part of decided to hit a local brew pub called Urban Growler. Because UG is a restaurant a few of us decided to skip dinner, since we knew we could get food mid-way through our bike ride. As we approached Urban Growler we started to see our plan for food fall apart. It turns out that tonight was their 1 year anniversary and they were PACKED. We managed to get a couple pints of beer, but the notion of being able to order food was right out.

After talking about it for a bit we quickly checked a couple of the taprooms on the way home to see if they had food trucks. Insight Brewing’s website claimed that they did, so we mounted up and headed over to our second stop of the night. I’m so glad we did. I got a nice bacon cheeseburger, split some cheese curds with a buddy, and had an amazing specialty beer. They brewed up a nice saison and then infused it with Door County cherries. It was this beautiful ruby red color and tasted amazing. I might drag the wife down there later this week just so I can get another glass of it.

The weather was amazing tonight, and despite riding home in the dark (most of us have headlights) it was a great night to be out biking. Good beer, good people, good food and a wonderful way to celebrate the middle of a work week.