Early fall

Despite some really hot and humid days recently, the past two weeks has found the weather in Minnesota turning downright Autumn. It seems that cooler temps are becoming the norm, weeks before we’re normally used to getting them. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, after all, the running in heat and humidity of the summer is brutal. I guess I just wasn’t quite ready for the shift so soon.

I’m sure we’ll have another heat wave before Summer finally gives up the fight. The weather lately is a reminder of what is to come. Soon the air will be downright crisp and the days will get shorter and shorter. I think about how much biking I’ve done over the summer, and wonder how long I’m going to be able to keep riding before the snow flies. I look at my drawer of running clothes and make sure I know where the long sleeve shirts are, for those cooler morning runs.

I guess Fall also makes me contemplative. It’s a beautiful season, but a solemn one. The festive feeling of Summer is passed, life has regained it’s familiar routine. Things feel like they are drawing to a close, as we prepare to enter the long dark of Winter. But with Fall comes a new type of excitement. One that is joyful, yet subdued and filled with the warmth of friends and family and the aroma of comfort food.  One of my favorite smells, when the air turns colder, is of cinnamon, and other spices wafting from a warm kitchen.

Fall presents us with one last moment of celebration as we drift into our winter slumber. Soon the air will sting our lungs, betraying us, as only a month prior we celebrated the death of moist, fetid, heat. We will pull our jackets tight around our faces as we scramble through our day-to-day, anticipating the return of the celebrations. On the horizon, we know the warmth and joy of Spring will return again.

Yet for today, I will pleasure in Autumn, early though it may be. I will savor the warmth of a favorite flannel, and the shiver when I first step out to run in the morning. Fall reminds us of the warmth of those around us, and of the comfort that comes in starting to slow down.