Wasser mit gas

Many years ago I used to drink a lot of pop. In particular my friends and I would go through cases of Mountain Dew. However, since I don’t drink caffeine anymore, and I don’t care for aspartame flavored drinks, I don’t drink much pop anymore. As someone who loves beer, I could just drink beer all the time in the evenings when I’m thirsty, but I think it’s probably better I don’t do that, for everyone involved. I’m not a fan of plain water either, so except for occasional juice, or a stevia based drink, I’m left with fewer options.

However, one thing that I’ve drank for most of my adult life, and has become a bigger and bigger part of my hydration, is mineral water. When I was in college I started drinking bottles of Mendota Spring water, one of the few flavored waters around in stores, and in more recent years the selection of flavors and brands have continued to grow. When we hit the market, I’m often grabbing a couple packs of different flavors, and usually go through them rather quickly.

A couple weeks ago the idea struck me about using my beer kegging equipment to make my own soda water. I had a clean 3 gallon keg, and so I filled it with water, and put it on my gas at around 30 psi. It took about 2 weeks to carbonate to a decent level, but I’m pleased to say that it worked really well. I might experiment with some different pressures to see if I can speed up the process, but I’m pleased to have a way to make more pleasing water to drink, without resorting to hangovers. Now I need to figure out how to add some essence flavors to truly mimic what you can buy in the stores.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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