Stay off the grass

Partway through the afternoon at work I decided to walk over to the nearby coffee shop for a drink. I’m at my alternate office today, and I don’t get over here much, but I knew where the coffee shop was so I started out from my building and headed over. I noticed that there was a grassy knoll that I needed to go around to get to the coffee shop, but I also noticed a worn dirt path that cut across the center, providing a nice shortcut.

As I meandered across the dirt, I noticed the grass on both sides of me was rather tall. It obviously hadn’t been mowed in quite a while, and it gave the worn-down path a semblance of being more off-road and rural than it already was. It was somewhat peaceful, despite being in the middle of the city, and so my mind wandered. I started thinking about the benefit of simply building a sidewalk across this diagonal, that it certainly looks to get used enough.

As my mind was contemplating not-so-deep thoughts such as that, I suddenly was awoken to a hissing sound, followed rapidly by a spluttering noise. I saw out of the corner of my eye that the automatic sprinkler system chose that very moment to kick on. I flinched, looking to see how many jets were starting up around me. I made a weird ducking maneuver as the closest jet swung my direction. I’m sure I looked quite the fool, dressed in my business casual slacks and polo shirt.

After the closest jet finished giving me a little sprinkle I assessed the situation and realized that the rest of the path was clear of the other jets and I could make my way across with relative safety. I finished the last 10 yards or so and smiled as I did. The full comedic impact of my adventure playing over in my mind, bringing delight to a warm afternoon.