Thunder run

I had to get in 9 miles this morning so I woke at 4:30am to get ready and head out the door before work. Before I left I checked the weather and saw that there were storms rolling in, and that it would probably be pretty close to try and finish before the sky opened up. I decided to switch from my intended route of a big long 9 mile loop into the neighboring suburb, and instead did a 6 mile, and 3 mile loop around my own neighborhood. That way I could stop off at my house at 6 miles if something went wrong.

I headed out into the darkness with my headlamp and picked up a pretty good pace, feeling a bit of pressure to keep up the groove. As I rounded mile 2 I started to see cloud-to-cloud lightning off in the distance, and I knew I would be in for a soaking soon. When I got to mile 3, however, I looked to the east and saw a beautiful blazing red sunrise underneath the impending clouds. I stopped and snapped a quick pic before continuing on my way.

Despite the threat of rain, and a couple of drops here and there, I made it to the 6 mile mark, and back to my house, with only my sweat drenching my clothes. As I approached my house however, I saw the second amazing sight of the morning, a beautiful full rainbow across the western sky. I snapped a pic of the rainbow, but then decided that I was tempting fate carrying my phone without a waterproof bag, and so I stashed it in the house. I also grabbed my water bottle, since I had yet to get any rain on me and needed to cool down. IMG_3573

I headed out on my three mile route and finally around mile 7-7.5 the water started. At first it was just a light sprinkle but soon it was an all out rain. I was soaked in minutes, and despite the annoying dripping off of my face, I managed to enjoy the cooling relief. I was even startled a few times by thunder overhead. Thankfully everything stayed in the clouds where lightning was concerned.

I finished out the final 1.5 miles and headed into the house to get showered and ready for the day. When I started to head out to my car I found that the rain had gotten even heavier and roads around the metro had flooded. This made for a trying commute, but I was feeling good from my run, so I took it all in stride.

Back to the heat for the rest of the week, so I need to savor the memory of this morning for as long as I can.

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