Something about games

One of the joys in my life is the fact that I have so many friends and family who love playing tabletop games. When my wife’s family gets together there is almost always some time set aside for playing games with different groups of people. Tonight we have the pleasure of hosting some family members, and sure enough gaming broke out. Another friend of ours stopped by as well to join in the fun, and we ended up playing four different games before our brains were completely fried.

I love how many people in my life all love gaming, and we can enjoy lots of different games with different groups. With the kids around we can break out fun games like Ticket to Ride or King of Tokyo. When it’s just a bunch of adults and a bit of beer drinking, games like Epic Spell Wars and Munchkin get us laughing like crazy. There’s a game for most every setting and mood, depending on who is around and what we’re feeling like.

I feel very fortunate to have such a great diversity of friends and family, who all share a love of games, no matter the flavor. It’s a part of my life that feels richer because of it and I’m truly thankful.