Recovery from hail

As I mentioned a few days ago we got some serious golf ball sized hail this week. Today the recovery process started in earnest. I had hoped to get a contractor out here last night, but ended up with them being able to fit me in this morning. Looks like a couple sides of the house will need to be re-sided, and half of the roof will need to be replaced. I was thankful that there was no broken glass, as replacing a window would have been much more urgent and costly. Now the long process of dealing with insurance begins to figure out how much the insurance will pay for and if we’ll have to make some choices about what we get done.

Next week we also start the process of getting our hail damaged cars inspected and fixed. Despite all of this extra work, I am thankful to have insurance for these types of issues. Even having to pay a deductible beats shelling out thousands of dollars for necessary repairs. I’m hopeful that we don’t need to get anything else fixed any time soon. The car insurance people are getting tired of hearing from us.

Late once again

Once again I’m a day late on this. This seems to be a more common occurrence for me as the summer months kick in and I’m busier with activities in the evening. As it was last night I only had a short time at home before heading out for another biking and beer adventure with some friends. We actually ended up hitting three different taprooms, although the first one we went to was closed for the night. The next two places treated us with some good beer and outdoor patios on an amazing summer night. It also got me thinking that it might be time to pick up a new bike jersey, and a lot of the breweries around here sell bike jerseys with their logos on them. I like their beer so it might be a good fit!

I’ll try to post again tonight to get back on track. Guess I need to start thinking of more to say!