Holy hail

Tonight we got home from some dinner in the nick of time. Within a couple minutes of parking our car at home the hail began. I thought, “Hm, this stinks because the cars are in the driveway. Oh well at least it’s not large hail.” That thought was short lived as golf ball sized hail started to rain all over our cars and our house. Once everything stopped, a good 5-6 minutes later, I went outside to survey the damage.

Sure enough each car is completely pock marked with damage all over them. I then looked around the house and found lots of holes on the north east side, and some on the front. So tomorrow will be talking to insurance day as I try to get all our claims in and figure out what kind of deductibles we’re looking at.

Here’s a couple pics of the hail and how large it was.

IMG_3492 IMG_3491 IMG_3490