Endless Summer Trail Run – French 5K

Tonight was the second of the Endless Summer Trail Run series put on by Rocksteady Running. Tonight’s race was a quick 5K around French Park in Plymouth, MN.

Like the previous race, we started out with some rain and chilly wind, but we knew that soon enough any breeze in the air would feel really nice. The course at French is nice and wide and pretty easy going. There are a couple hills that are pretty steep, but they’re short and mostly runnable (except for one). That meant that this race could be a nice sprint 5K, which worked well for me in my training taper for Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday.

It was a great night for running, and since the course started with a great downhill I decided to let it out as best I could. Made my first mile in 8:44 which is very fast for me, especially on trails. I finished the 3.18 miles in 29:45 and was super happy with my time. I felt good at the end, and felt like I left everything on the course, which is how it should be. As always, these races are great to hang out afterwards with beer and pizza.

I might be able to better this time next year, but for now, I need to get back to focusing on distance and longevity.

One thought on “Endless Summer Trail Run – French 5K

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