Jurassic World

The family and I headed out for an afternoon showing of Jurassic World today and I thought I’d share a couple quick thoughts. There might be a couple spoilers in here so you’ve been warned.

Overall, the movie was well done and a lot of fun. It’s not hard to guess where the plot is going, but that’s OK because this is meant to be a fun entertaining movie, not something that is meant to tax your brain. Big dino escapes cage, hero, female lead, and a couple kids need to survive. Nothing too complex here, and it’s a lot of fun.

One of the best parts of the movie is all of the nods to the original Jurassic Park movie. This movie is set in the same world, but 25 years later, so there are a lot of references to the original park. One of the things that impressed my wife a lot was all of the connections via the musical score. The original John Williams score reappears at a few different occasions, and one of them in particular really clicked for me. As the two kids enter the abandoned building from the first movie they pick up the banner that had fallen to the floor, and as they do so, a quiet piano rendition of the original theme melts into the background. It was a great way to convey the connection with both sight and sound. My wife loved another scene where a helicopter was coming in for a landing and they matched the timing of the original theme with an identical scene in the first movie.

The CGI was very well done, and I appreciated that they still used puppet models for the up-close work when people were interacting directly with some of the dinosaurs. We’ve become so spoiled with super high-def video that it’s sometimes hard for CGI to keep up with staying believable with so much detail on display.

Very glad we saw the movie today, and I think in the not too distant future I’m going to pick up the LEGO Jurassic Park game where you can play through the stories of the first three movies as well as Jurassic World.