Little time with Spotify

Haven’t checked out Spotify in a while so with all the new Apple Music news last week I decided to see what’s changed in the competition. Usually I listen to Pandora when I want a radio type experience with different artists in a particular genre. However, lately my go-to stations have become a bit repetitive on Pandora, possibly due to a song catalog that is much smaller than the competition.

I installed the Spotify app and fired it up to see what had changed from the last time. Frankly, not much was different, which is actually more comforting than anything. I decided to see how radio stations were working and discovered that Spotify has some decent radio stations of various genres. In fact most of today I’ve been listening to the 90’s station and really enjoying myself.

Where Spotify falls down is in dynamic stations that build themselves based on your preferences. When I typed in a favorite artist of mine I simply got a radio station that was built off of that artist. Basically I got a shuffled playlist of their entire catalog. Not exactly what I was looking for. One of the things I enjoy about Pandora is the ability to select an artist and then let Pandora introduce me to things I may have never heard of. I’ve discovered a handful of artists this way, but again, because of repeats that number has gone down quite a bit.

It does appear that Spotify has some curated playlists based on various topics, so those might be closer to what I’d be looking for, but I doubt that one has been created for some of my musical tastes. Not sure that Spotify is a long term choice, but for today I’m enjoying a nice 90s mix.

Tomorrow I might try Google’s new radio features in their Play Music.