Norseman Distillery

Tonight my wife and I got a special treat. Someone that she knew back in High School is involved in opening up one of the few craft distilleries in Minnesota, and tonight we got to go hang out and talk with them and see their operation.

Norseman Distillery has been distilling for a couple of years, and recently moved into some beautiful new space in an industrial park just north of Minneapolis. The space that they found is a perfect style for the booming craft drinking scene, with an old industrial feel, high ceilings, lots of stone and brick everywhere. It’s nice and light and open and allows you to see the distilling equipment in action.

When we arrived we got to taste some of their product, and although I’m not a big spirits drinker I could tell that this is really well brewed liquor. The vodka, gin and rum were all really flavorful with a great aroma and went down nice and smooth. I even got to try their hopped up vodka (or was it gin?) that was infused with a bit of Cascade hops. Overall, I was very impressed with their quality and flavor. My wife and I have a gathering tomorrow night and so we stopped at a store on the way home and picked up a bottle of their Strawberry Rhubarb gin to bring with.

The tasting room won’t be open until later this summer, so for the time being I’d encourage anyone who likes good quality spirits to go check them out at your favorite liquor store or bar. They have a listing on their website of locations you can sample their stuff.