The busy-ness of the prior week and weekend gave way to a nice quiet Friday afternoon. I arrived home from work a bit early, and I’ve been enjoying the peaceful patter of a light rain as I sit next to my office window. This is the type of rain that lazy afternoons were made for. The air is moist and still, but the rain has a cooling effect on any current of air that wafts through the window.

I look out the window at my back lawn, and realize it needs to be mowed. The garden in the distance is soaking up the rain with glee. There’s very little sound outside except for the rain. Inside there is little noise apart from an occasional question from the child asking for advice on schoolwork. Even those discourses are carried out quietly and peacefully.

There are days when you immerse yourself deep in thought, questioning the paths you’ve taken in life. Thinking about the future, things that it might hold. Rainy, quiet afternoons give space and freedom to contemplate, consider, relax and breathe. We can’t subsist on these types of moments forever, and I’m hopeful for sun and warmth tomorrow. But in this moment I will be content, and at peace.