Powering through

Warning, this post contains TMI. If you don’t like mentions of natural bodily functions, turn back now!

This morning’s run went wrong in so many ways. I decided to run to work, and had planned ahead slightly. Unlike the last time that I had to bring clothes with me as I ran, today I didn’t have to bring shoes or a towel or anything like that. I just needed a change of clothes and everything else was waiting for me at work. Because of this, I decided to just grab a drawstring backpack. This was one of many problems with today’s run.

The first problem started out earlier though. My usual routine is to have a good bowel movement in the morning when I wake up, and then go run. Today I was constipated. That fact alone should have told me that today was going to suck. There’s nothing quite as miserable as running with a stopped up intestinal system. However, my urinary system was working just fine, as I had to stop multiple times at gas stations to pee.

Back to the drawstring bag. I discovered that you just can’t get them pulled tight enough on your back to keep them still. No matter what I did the bag kept bouncing from side-to-side, in opposition with my stride. This threw off my running, and my right hip is killing me from compensating. I need to just face the fact that if I haven’t gotten all my stuff to work ahead of time I can’t run with a backpack.

Finally, I can tell that it’s high allergy season. Although I get allergy shots, and they do wonders for controlling all the usual symptoms, I still get a day, here and there, where I feel a bit run down and groggy. Today is one of those days. I would really like to just crawl back into bed for a few hours.

Despite all of this, I managed to get my 8 miles in today. It was slow and miserable, but it’s done now.