Back to biking

Today was my first bike commute of the year, and wow I forgot how tired my legs get after working all day. I tried some different routes today from last year, which were more direct, but they take me away from separated bike paths. They also seemed to be much hillier routes, so my legs got even more of a workout. My speed was pretty slow, but I managed to get it done, and probably did my body some good.

This weekend will probably be a shorter run (though still double digits), and next week it’s another trail race. Although this time it’s just a 10K race, I’m looking forward to getting back out there again.

Oh, and as a bonus, because I promised a friend, here’s a cute cat picture to make up for being late with yesterday’s post.

Ack! Missed one

So I guess I missed a blog entry yesterday. Bad me, bad bad me. So I’ll try to do two today.

I think I forgot about it last night because the wife and I were watching a bunch of Daredevil episodes on Netflix. With, speaking of that show, it’s been mostly good so far. We’re only 4-5 episodes in, but it’s well put together and has a lot of good tension. I still feel like the comic book fight scenes where no one gets hurt are a little over the top, but they’re choreographed well. I’ll post a fuller review once I actually finish the series.