Extreme people

Not much to say today. I typed up a storm yesterday with my race report. The big piece of news that came across my feeds today was the passing of Dean Potter, an extreme athlete, during a BASE jump in Yosemite. I’m somewhat torn on what to think about the whole situation. I love how this was a person that lived life the way that he wanted to live, and in a way that made him happy and fulfilled. He showed an incredible spirit in how he approached the world, and the world will be less for his passing.

Yet, I wish that so much of what he did wasn’t done in the act of breaking the law. His final jump was actually carried out illegally since BASE jumping was banned in the park. I know that laws like that are put into place to protect people from doing stupid things, but I also believe that sometimes those laws are in place to protect the people who have to clean up after people’s mistakes. As much as I admire what Potter did with his life, I can’t help but feel bad for the poor rescue person who had to recover his remains from a remote location where he crashed. These are people who spend their lives trying to save people from danger, and here they were having to deal with cleaning up someone who shouldn’t have even been in that place at all. I can’t imagine how hard it is for some of those people to sleep at night after dealing with tragedies like this.

Rest in peace Dean Potter, you were an amazing human being who did amazing things. The world was richer for your presence. But I also hope for peace in the lives of those who had to deal with the aftermath of your actions, may they continue to find hope in helping those in need.