Supergirl trailer

The internet was all the rage recently with the release of the trailer for Supergirl. I clicked on the link off of a friends blog and figured I was in for a short teaser. What I actually watched was a 6 minute short film, that as near as I can tell, told the entire story of the pilot, interspersed with a couple of scenes from later episodes. To say it wasn’t what I was expecting was an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a trailer that not only gave away a ton of plot points from the movie or TV show, but also took over 6 minutes to do it. Was very surprised.

Apart from the length of the trailer I actually found the premise that they were giving as pretty compelling. It was more of a traditional drama than a superhero show, with Supergirl not even sure if she can fly at the beginning of the show. It ended up being a coming of age style of show with Supergirl needing to decide for herself if she really wanted to be a hero. Considering the mythos that DC has created around Superman, especially in the upcoming Superman v Batman, this is a nice change. The reluctant hero is always a very compelling story.

Despite being a big DC fan I still need to catch up on Arrow (still back in season 1), start watching Flash, and then anxiously await the eventual Green Lantern show 😀