Hmong exhibit

Having grown up in Saint Paul, and going to school in the middle of a housing project area where a lot of Hmong lived, I got to know quite a few Hmong growing up. The Hmong people have been an integral part of Saint Paul for my entire life. I remember visiting the Hmong New Year celebrations on occasion as a kid, and watching all the businesses go up on University Ave.

Tonight the family and I visited the new History Center exhibit about the Hmong’s life in Saint Paul. It was a wonderful display of the history and culture of a great people. In particular I was happy to see the history of the Hmong people in the Vietnam war accurately shared. Many people younger than myself do not realize how the Hmong were used in that terrible war, and how much of a debt our country owed to them. It is because of this history that the Hmong were brought to Minnesota to begin with.

The exhibit is a story of their tragedy, and their triumph over adversity in Minnesota. The Hmong have made an incredible contribution to life in the Twin Cities, and it was great to see that honored and celebrated by the History Center.