Running in the rain

This morning I awoke early to get in 6 miles before work. I knew that today was supposed to be stormy, but I didn’t hear any raindrops as I rose from bed. I got dressed and looked out the front window to see a dark sky to the west, made darker by the angle of the rising sun. It wasn’t raining yet. I put on my shoes, applied tape to my blisters, and headed out the door. Within a couple of steps I felt the drops begin to fall. I started to wonder if I should shorten my run, or maybe try to run tomorrow, but then I reminded myself that it’s just water, it’s not going to make me melt.

As I rounded the first few curves on my route the rain increased to somewhere between a light rain and a drizzle. It was over 60 degrees outside, so it actually felt really nice to run in. I started to pick up my pace as I thought to myself, “This is going to be a great run!” But then, around mile 1.5 it all stopped. The sky stayed dark, and the clouds became a dull grey as the sun disappeared behind them. The air remained think and humid, but no rain fell.

The rest of the run was tolerable, but it wasn’t the cool refreshing Spring experience I was hoping for. One of my favorite running memories is running along Ford Pkwy in St. Paul in a nice morning drizzle. I guess I’ll have to wait for another morning to re-live that day.