Love the things you love

Today is a break from photo stuff, as I was struck by something else that came across my feed. As many people who know me are aware, I am a fan of Wil Wheaton. I ‘grew up’ on Star Trek as a teenager, as he was growing up on Star Trek as a teenager. Later in life he’s taken on a new persona, that of a leader in the geeky/nerdy world that I also inhabit. He shares his love of science fiction, gaming, etc. and connects with a lot of us who love the same things. One of his best known speeches was when he addressed a video to a baby girl about what it meant to be a nerd, and why it was awesome. If you haven’t watched it before, click below. Go ahead, it’s only four minutes. I’ll wait.

Today, another video came across my feed, put together by Sneaky Zebra. It’s a cosplay compilation, and it’s set to a speech by the late Leonard Nimoy, given at a commencement in 2012. When I watch this video I get tears in my eyes, because the words that Mr. Nimoy speaks go to the heart of what it means to want to create and live in a world of amazement and fantasy. Part of the whole reason I’m doing this daily blog is to create things, even if no one reads them, but someone might, and it may connect with them in a real way.

When Wil Wheaton says that being a nerd is about how you love things, it says to me that it’s OK to feel passion and excitement about things. Loving those things that other people might think are silly or dumb, but that mean something to you, and matter to you. Being human is about loving things, and people, and wanting to share those things that you love with the world. That’s the spirit that I find captured in this cosplay video so beautifully. This is a video filled with people doing the things that they love, with the people that also love it as much as they do. It’s the power of creation and passion come together in a courageous and beautiful way, and it makes me glad to be a human being, living on this pale blue dot.

“You are the creators and the curators of your own lives. You create your own life and your work. Give us your best. Give us the best of your art. We crave it. We hunger for it. Help us to see ourselves, to know ourselves. Illuminate our lives. … And of course, I can not leave without saying to you, in all sincerity, live long and prosper.”