Customer Service

Last night we picked up a grill. We decided to invest in one that was a bit more money, but holds the promise of being usable for a long time to come. When we were buying the grill my wife and I were talking about how, as adults, we’ve come to realize that sometimes paying a bit more for a quality product is worth it. It’s also worth it for working with companies that try to really put out good customer service.

As a case in point I’ve come to really love Garmin as a company that supports the products that they put in the marketplace. On a couple different occasions I’ve had issues with my GPS equipment, and they’ve always stood behind what I’ve bought, and offered me options that are above and beyond what I would expect from a large company.

Sometimes it sucks to have to save more money so that you can buy the better product, but more of then than not it will pay off in the end.


Sunday Sales defeated again

Listened to the debate and vote today about Sunday Sales while I worked. Once again Minnesota is stuck looking like a State full of fools. This is especially true when you combine this discussion with the idiocy that is the soccer stadium debate (THEY’RE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING YOU IDIOTS!). It’s one of those moments where you wonder if you should just give up trying. We can all just move to Denver where they have Sunday Sales, beautiful natural environments, an MLS soccer team, and heck, legal pot if you’re into that sort of thing.

Thirty-eight other states have figured out how to sell liquor on Sundays. Thousands of small businesses, including mom and pop operations have figured out how to deal with a 7 day work week. Or maybe there’s a different solution. If some people can’t work on Sundays then no one should. That would only be fair right? Next year maybe I’ll support #NoWorkSundays instead of getting excited that Minnesota might finally pull itself out of the 1930s.


Time to grill

But first I need to get a new grill. I’ve always enjoyed grilling in the summer, and for most of the time that I’ve lived in this house I’ve had a grill out on the patio. Most summers I would grill at least once a week, sometimes more. I usually bought cheap grills and just didn’t worry about if they rusted out. However a few years ago I had a grill that decided to rust out on part of the gas line by the temperature dial. I fired it up for the first time the following summer, and there were flames shooting out where flames shouldn’t be shooting out. Needless to say that one went away quickly.

I decided I wanted to get a smaller grill the next time, one that I could store in the garage in the winter time. Because of the size of our garage I can’t fit a huge grill in there, with all the other tools and two cars. Therefore, I opted for an electric grill. I figured it would be a nice small grill that would also save on having to get propane all the time. The downside that I discovered with electric grills is that they don’t retain heat very well at all. So the moment you open the lid to check on your food, the temp drops dramatically, and it takes forever to get back up. Cooking burgers was a balance of patience and guesswork, trying to only open the cover once to turn the burgers over.

Needless to say I’m going back to gas this year. I’ve looked a CharBroil at Target that is smaller and still could fit a full meal for a family, and I need to check the Home Depot’s of the world as well. Of course I could go back to really old school and just do charcoal, but often times I don’t want to sit and wait for coals after getting home from work. I just want to fire and forget.

Here to grill shopping!


When I married my wife and she moved in, she came with her cat Mimi. I realized I hadn’t really shared any photos of Mimi on this blog, so this is my post for the day. Mimi is also getting older, she’s into double digit years, so she’s a bit slower and sedate of our two cats.

I’m also using Lightroom 6 now, but I haven’t messed with the new features yet, so I’ll need to report on those another time.