Create-a-thon 2015!

At the end of 2014, I completed my latest educational endeavor, a Graduate Certificate in Leadership. When things come to completion, it’s often a time to contemplate the future. I started to ask myself what I wanted to spend my time on in this next segment of my life. I’m content in my job, and make a decent enough income. My wife is in an educational program of her own, which limits what we can change about our life right now (but provides a lot more freedom in the future). Plus, the kids are in their formative high school, and newly adult, years, and as parents our responsibility is to launch them into life as best we can. So with many of the typical life changes put on hold for the time being, I contemplated what I want to accomplish during this period.

Recently, a favorite celebrity of mine, Wil Wheaton, posted on his blog about wanting to get back into creating things, for the sake of creating them. He posted a raw and honest audio podcast about his thoughts, and it got the point across, triggering the desire in me to get back to creating something. I started to consider ideas around this, talking about it with various people, and it even got my friend Wes inspired to attempt his own journey in 2015.

I’ve always felt myself a generally creative person, and in my career it has been an asset to me. I’m usually the problem solver in most groups, and need to design and create unique things for the various situations that I face. I don’t consider myself creative in an traditional artistic sense, however. My ability to draw and paint is laughable. Although I’ve done a lot in the music field, my talents are very mediocre and adequate from a skill perspective. I can take a pretty decent picture, but I’ve tried the photo-a-day things before and those have fizzled when you have to strain and stretch for a subject.

However, one thing I’m rather quite good at is talking, writing and sharing thoughts and perspectives on a whole slew of topics. In the past, I’ve tried to do daily blogging and journaling, and those too have eventually waned. So my project for 2015 will revolve around creating things from a variety of mediums and topics, and giving myself the freedom to select whatever is best for the time and place in which I am creating.

So starting today, and hopefully on every day of 2015, I will be posting something to this blog. It might be a simple blog post about an interesting topic. It could be a quick audio diary, or something akin to a podcast. Some days could be as simple as a photo that summed up something cool at that moment. But the goal will be to try and produce something every single day.

The topics will be varied as well. My tagline is that I’m into beer, running and geeky stuff, so for the most part it will probably revolve around those things. I’ll probably steer clear of too many political issues, but no promises when it comes to the Minnesota Sunday Liquor Sales debate.

So as we kick off this journey, I’ve decided to move my blog to a different host, however, most previous links should continue to work. I look forward to trying something new into the coming year, and welcome anyone who’s along for the ride to share it with me.

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